Green Shoots of BIM Level 2 in the USA?

People & Process

WFT Engineering has been assigned to design and deliver a program of “SMART” garage projects utilizing BIM – Building Information Management.

It was imperative that this first project set the tone for the other projects in the pipeline. Having thoroughly reviewed various workflows from around the world, we boldly decided to implement key ingredients of BIM Level 2.

By following the guidance of the BS/PAS 1192 suite documents, we were able to ensure the project workflow maximized interoperability through “People, Process and Enabling Technology”. There were key items missed such as the “Supplier & Supply Chain Capability Assessment”, and on future projects, we will certainly be focusing more on defining the “Employers Information Requirements” (EIR) to avoid any design misinterpretation and any abortive work for stakeholders.

The provision of a “Common Data Environment “ (CDE) was key to enable faster and accurate design coordination. We were able to achieve “Clash Avoidance” by virtue over “Clash Detection” by validating design data prior to sharing it with fellow stakeholders.