UPMC/Wexford Science & Technology, LLC, Immune Transplant & Therapy Center

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Architect: ZGF Architects
Est. Completion: 2022

A comprehensive transformation of the 1915 Ford Motor Building from a 200,000 sf vacant shell, into a modern new Immune Transplant Therapy Center (ITTC) is a collaboration of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with Wexford Science & Technology. This cutting-edge innovation research facility will support medical researchers in developing new and improved treatments for cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, slowing down aging and the avoidance of donor-organ rejection. The new ITTC will feature the addition of a 160,000 sf lab tower and a 295-car parking facility, resulting in a total of 360,000 sf on eight floors. The character of the existing building will be preserved while integrating new facilities such as flexible life science research labs — both wet and dry labs — support areas, offices, an auditorium, retail space, and a “main street” that joins the existing building and the addition. An atrium will serve as a gathering and event space with a café and open-stadium seating. The world-class facility will serve as the centerpiece of a planned new innovation district.

Size: 360,000 GSF

Cost: $200M estimate