University of Maryland Baltimore General Research Building Modernization

Baltimore, Maryland

This 41,200 sf, three-story building, built in 1968, was previously the Medical Examiners Building and was being modernized as a research building for the School of Medicine. Phased to expedite occupancy, Phase I involved base building system upgrades. WFT Engineering provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design for new chilled water and heating plants, convertors and pumps, upgrades to the existing air handling unit, a new temperature control system, water heater, RO/DI water system, lab vacuum pump system, full lab compressed air system, and upgraded fire protection system. Electrical upgrades consisted of an new BG&E C/T cabinet, main breaker, and full replacement of the distribution to meet the building’s newly defined role as a research facility. The existing standby generator as well as the associated emergency, and optional standby branches of this system were also integrated into this program in a phased construction effort.