Towson Center Arena AHU Replacements

Towson University, Towson, Maryland

Architect: DCI
Completed: 2019

The Towson Center serves as the practice facility for the University’s men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball teams.   This project was for the replacement of four air handling units (AHU-2, AHU-3, AHU-4 and AHU-5) serving the 117,000 sf building.  Our design included provision of economizer equipment on each unit and redesign of the temperature control system in order to increase energy efficiency of units.  Our scope also included coordination of new openings for rigging the units into existing HVAC rooms, installing louvers for economizer operation, installing variable frequency drives on the supply fans, and providing new state-of-the-art direct digital temperature control systems for each of the new air handling units.  The AHUs were replaced in phases to allow for continued use of the facility throughout construction.

Services:  MEP/FP Design and CA