Site Safety Improvements Phase II

Towson, Maryland

Architect: Stantec
Completed: 2014

This project focused on making two key areas of Towson University’s campus easier and safer to navigate. It involved the design and construction of a pedestrian bridge above Osler Drive to provide a safe route for students to go from the West Village residential area to the main academic precinct, a new traffic light on Osler Drive, and the addition of recreational space in the area. The second component included design and construction of a pedestrian walkway from the southeastern end of Linthicum Hall, closest to the beach, east along Cook Library to Newell Hall. The project scope also included associated re-grading of surrounding areas, storm water management improvements, roadway infrastructure relocation, and various site and utility improvements. Our design included electrical design for lighting, power and emergency power, and security systems; and for a new 2,000 sf public safety storage building.

Size: Approximately 30,000 SF

Cost: $12.6 Million