Roland E. Powell Convention Center Expansion

Ocean City, Maryland

Architect: Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
Completed: 2022

This focal point for entertainment in Ocean City has been undergoing significant renovations through separate projects, while remaining operational.   WFT participated in developing a program for a major Phase 3 expansion project and subsequently provided design and construction administration.  The scope of work included the 45,000 sf expansion including enlarging the exhibit hall, adding a bay front gallery, a business center, special event suite, meeting room, restrooms, other support space, a loading dock, and improvements to 65,000 sf of existing space. A unique feature included in electrical design will “tune or adjust” the color of Exhibit Hall LED lighting to closely match existing HID fixtures in an adjacent exhibit when they are used together. HVAC modifications include conversion of existing electric resistant heating to new hot water heating, new cooling towers, air handling units, centrifugal chillers and associated pumps, and conducting a life safety assessment in order to facilitate a building-wide life safety upgrade. The project was completed through the Maryland Stadium Authority.

Cost: $37.5M

Services: MEP/FP