Nuclear Regulatory Commission Headquarters

Rockville, Maryland

Architect: Eighth Day Design
Completed: 2017

Engineering planning, design and construction phase services were provided for occupied, phased renovation and restacking of office space in two high rise buildings at the headquarters complex through task orders. Spaces included private offices, conference rooms, work station areas, hearing rooms, an employee fitness center, lounges, reception areas, SCIFs and more.  Pre-design services were provided to secure jurisdictional approvals for construction permits and bids to perform construction, site visits to review prior tenant documents, MEP system studies for compliance with International Building Code, correction of deficiencies, and preparation of demolition and construction plans. Design features included a floating ceiling over a sub-committee round table, AV booths, service closets and touch-down stations, supplemental HVAC for A/V rooms and hearing rooms, electrical provisions for power, lighting, A/V and specialized equipment such as plasma TVs, fire alarm systems and modifications to existing wet pipe sprinkler systems to accommodate new tenant partitions.

Office renovations included conversion of open work areas to closed offices and vice versa involving multiple floors and swing space.  Electrical and mechanical modifications were made for the addition of suite demising partitions on the sixth floor.  A 7,600 sf employee fitness center was renovated on the first floor.  Other renovated areas included a Chairman’s suite, conference room, reception area and two pantries totaling 1,000 sf on the 17th floor, and the Commissioner’s hearing room, lounge, pantry and dining room totaling 1,700 sf on the 18th floor.  Renovation/ restacking of 65,000 sf on two floors with conference rooms, private offices, workstations, and pantries, and a new SCIF area on the 10th floor was followed by restacking of 43,500 sf on three floors with offices, workstations, conference rooms, pantries, and swing space providing temporary workstations on two floors.

Services:  MEP/FP Planning, Design and Construction Administration