MedImmune/Astra Zeneca Commissioning Services

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Completed:  2018

Commissioning (Cx) services were performed for two infrastructure upgrade projects.  Services included design reviews and consultation on 100% construction documents, review submittals for compliance with construction documents, project requirements and performance requirements, prepare a Cx plan, perform submittal reviews, attend meetings, site observations and field testing, prepare functional performance testing (FPT) procedures and coordinate, witness and document FPTs, review O&M manuals, equipment warranties, as-built drawings and other documentation, track and document issues and resolutions.

Emergency Generator Installation  

Commissioning of an installation of a new emergency backup generator and associated equipment included modifications to an existing service switchboard, two automatic transfer switches and an emergency panelboard.

Completed:  2018

Combined Heating & Power (CHP) System Replacement  

Commissioning of the installation of a new combined heating and power (CHP) system consisting of a 13.2kV generator set and heat recovery equipment to produce electricity, steam and high temperature hot water for the pharmaceutical research laboratory and manufacturing facility. Activities included field inspections of equipment, raceways, conductors and termination installation during construction to ensure compliance with NEC 70 and IEEE C2 for safety and NECA 1 for workmanship; witness and review of individual equipment and component startup including medium voltage cables, transformer, switchgear, generator and load bank; functional performance testing (FTP) of systems for proper programming, communication and sequences including tests of metering, relying, monitoring and control systems to  verify normal operation and failure mode response. Coordination with Pepco was necessary to ensure that the inter-tie operation is optimized for system reliability. An integrated FPT of the CHP system verified system operation in all mechanical modes with various electrical configurations (parallel, island and emergency modes).

Completed:  2016