Bressler Research Building Substations Renewal

University of Maryland Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

Architect: Marshall Craft Associates
Completion: 2024

Analysis and design were provided for renewal of four 47-year-old single-ended substations (#4-7) located in the penthouse of the 14-story active research building.  The assessment included determining maximum load capability, system reliability and redundancy, electrical protection features, maintenance requirements, and cost.  Design followed for the replacement of the substations with two new double-ended substations in a main-tie-main configuration with two medium voltage feeders, two 2000kVA, 13.2kV:480V transformers and a 2500A low voltage (480V) section with enough circuit breakers to refeed all existing load circuits equipped with automatic roll-over operation, provide redundancy and reliability for improved service continuity.  A new electrical room was included in design equipped with 24/7 air conditioning, BAS monitoring and controls, an uninterruptible power supply for BAS communications and a pre-action fire suppression system. The substations are equipped with arc-flash reduction maintenance controls and a remote circuit breaker racking system for personnel protection. A sequence of installation with phasing diagrams of equipment replacement will minimize interruptions of electrical service during the renewal and allow the building to remain operational.

Cost: $4M