Part I & Part II Programs

University System of Maryland

MEP engineer for developing these programs:

Bowie State University, Thurgood Marshall Library Part II, new 166,869 gsf facility 

UMB, School of Social Work Part I & II, new 129,200 gsf facility

Towson University, Smith Hall Part II, repurpose 220,245 gsf into a Visual & Communication Arts Building

BSU, Communications, Arts & Humanities Building Part I & II, new 122,000 gsf facility

Univ of Maryland (UMD) Bioengineering Building Part II, new 184,000 gsf facility

UMD, Chemistry Building Part II, renovation/replacement projects 200,000+ gsf

University of Baltimore, Academic Center Part I & II, renovation of 217,000 gsf facility

University of Maryland, Computer Science Building Part II, new 236,600 gsf facility

UMD, Bioscience Research Support Facility Part II, new 213,375 gsf facility

USG, Biomedical Science & Engineering Building Part II, new 220,000 gsf facility