National Zoo Park (NZP) MEP Engineering Support Services Smithsonian Institution

Through an IDIQ contract led by Architrave Architects, WFT has performed MEP engineering support to supplement the NZP’s inhouse MEP engineering capabilities.  Services have included design reviews, coordination of design submittals, site investigations, MEP assessments and design services, attending design and construction review meetings, electrical load analysis, heating and cooling load analysis, evaluating and reviewing equipment sizing and calculations, utility coordination, and construction phase site visits. Included from over 40 tasks are the following:

Bobcat Habitat Renewal renovations included removal of existing structures, an investigation of existing conditions, and design for new structures and electrical systems to support security hot wire fences and controls, power receptacles, walkway lighting, and a security camera. (2019) 

Genetics Lab Study – needed due to excessive humidity levels in the Zoo’s Genetics Lab main lab area, was causing condensation on supply air surfaces of diffusers and on the surface of refrigerators in a separate area. The resulting condensation created operational issues with lab instruments in the areas of condensation. Additionally, the humidity produced an uncomfortable working environment for lab staff. Condensation was also observed in the administrative support areas.   A mechanical study was performed and a report of resolution recommendations provided. (2019)

Steam Service Distribution – The Park is served by a central boiler plant which pipes steam and returning steam condensate to facilities via a concrete tunnel system and an underground direct buried distribution system. The tunnel system serves ‘Middle Zoo’ facilities including the Think Tank, Reptile Discovery Center, Lemur, Great Ape House, Small Mammal, Wallaby and Elephant House.  An underground system serves the following ‘Lower Zoo’ facilities – Lion Tiger, (Great Cats), Police Station, Mane Restaurant, Amazonia, and the General Services Building (served via a dedicated distribution system directly from the Boiler Plant). The original tunnel distribution system was constructed in the 1920’s, and various segments, and components have been replaced due to failure. In anticipation of future component failures, the current distribution system is required to be replaced. MEP existing conditions surveys, construction documents, and construction phase services were performed to replace/correct four distinct segments of the steam/condensate distribution system. (2019)

F-Line RDC & Visitor’s Center Conference Room Study – Evaluations with load analyses were performed and Statements of Work (SOWs) prepared to address on-going temperature control issues in two NZP areas — the F-Line in the Reptile Discovery Center (RDC) and the Visitor Center main conference room on the second floor. The F-Line is a 410 sf open interior space located on the main level of the RDC. (2019) 

SCBI Campus Back Flow Preventers (BFP) Code Compliance Studies of BFPs serving 50 campus buildings included the provision of narratives for preventing cross contamination in the water distribution system from an adjacent spring water storage tank. (2019)

Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) Trailer replacement and relocation included consolidating five existing trailers into one new 1,440 sf trailer and relocating it. The new space accommodates staff workspaces, a meeting room, break room, restrooms, and support space. (2019) 

Steam Stations survey and design for existing steam pressure reducing stations serving 11 park facilities that were not able to provide a constant and reliable pressure to the downstream heating components. Analysis of existing system capacities and construction documents were provided to replace/modify all steam pressure reducing station components, associated steam to hot water converters and control valves. Facilities included: Great Ape, Think Tank, Reptile Discovery Center, Small Mammal House, Lion Tiger (Great Cats), Amazonia, Lemur Island, Propagation, Mane Restaurant, General Services Building, and the Elephant House.   (2018) 

Police Swing Space Fitout of a temporary office space for the NZP Police force, OPS Health Unit and Badge office during renovation of their facility included 6,000 sf in the basement of the Reptile Discovery Center (RDC); services included pre-design condition surveys and design for relocation of MEP/fire life safety systems. (2018) 

Third Party Electrical and Fire Alarm Design Reviews supported the renovation of the Park’s Police Station, Public Event Center, General Services Building, and restroom building. (2019)

Vet Hospital Quarantine Area HVAC – project goal was to provide more precise environmental conditioning (temperature and humidity) for individual animal holding wards and stalls in the quarantine area to maintain different environmental conditions for a wide variety of animal species simultaneously. Tasks included verification of current codes, standards and guidelines for the hospital; field survey and preparation of existing condition drawings; analysis of options for implementing the required HVAC control and the preparation of construction documents and phasing details for the replacement of the HVAC equipment and upgrade of the existing control system. (2018)

Panda Overlook Café HVAC analysis and design were provided for installation of a supplemental HVAC with a total cooling capacity of eight tons to serve the café’s kitchen. A pre-design study of existing MEP system conditions determined that the electrical system had the capacity to serve increased HVAC loads and cooling capacity requirements. An analysis to determine if existing voltage drop conditions were causing interruptions in the HVAC system serving the kitchen found no issues. (2017) 

Panda Bamboo Storage Area Feasibility Study to determine improvements necessary for an area in the General Services Building to be converted for storage of harvested bamboo that is fed to the Pandas. An analysis of existing conditions, specified storage criteria for the bamboo, and the applicable codes and standards determined HVAC and building envelope modifications needed to meet the criteria. Also performed were capacity calculations and an assessment of the building automation system, electrical distribution system, misting system, and fire life safety systems for compliance with standards and capacity to support the upgraded storage facility. (2017) 

Parking Facility Programming services assisted the Client in developing a scope of services for a new Central Parking Facility (CPF) to consist of a new multi-level parking structure at the Zoo Park which was to include a bus drop-off/turn-around and a mid-zoo location pedestrian bridge. (2015)