National Institutes of Health, Building 10, Critical Care HVAC Upgrades

Completed: 2014

The replacement of air handlers AHU-6A, AHU-6B, and AHU-6C, motor control center MCC-11E and an older section of MCC-11, were located in Building 10’s ARCF west tower penthouse. The AHUs serve six operating rooms and support spaces which needed to stay in service during the entire project.  Our solution was to phase the project utilizing a temporary AHU to serve as a hot or cold deck depending on which AHU was being replaced.  We provided a basis of design, special studies, installation of a temporary AHU, pre-order of new and temporary AHUs, controls, and supporting infrastructure, replacement of AHUs, humidifier and return air exhaust fans with two cold decks and one hot deck, a new steam to hot water heating convertor system for preheat coils in the AHUs, new direct digital controls, and installation of a new clean steam generator to provide steam humidification to the new air handling units.   The AHUs were equipped with steam humidification, UV infection control, and HEPA filters.

Another challenge was that the penthouse where the AHU’s were located was well within the footprint of the ACRF tower making it virtually impossible to reach with a crane.  Our solution was to utilize built-on-site custom AHUs where pieces could be delivered to the penthouse equipment room and assembled on site. WFT performed planning, design and detailed commissioning for all four project phases along with start–up services, project management, construction administration, and post occupancy services. NIH never missed a day of use of the operating rooms.

Services: Mechanical & Electrical Planning, Design & CA